FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

My life is super busy. Is it a waste of money to get a Personal Trainer?

Anywhere in life you need to prepared to work hard if you want to achieve something. We will take into account your life situation and implement a suitable coaching experience to fit your schedules.

Can I get a Personal Coaching package remotely if I'm not In the Tampere region?

Kyllä voi, jos ei koe tarvitsevansa ohjauksia/asuu toisessa kaupungissa. Suosittelemme kuitenkin hyödyntämään myös ohjauksia, jolloin liiketekniikat varmistetaan ja saat paljon enemmän irti valmennuksesta sekä itsestäsi.

Where do the Personal Training sessions take place?

Pääsääntöisesti ohjaamme treenit Tampereen WFC:llä, Hallituskatu 16. Tarvittaessa myös ulkona.

Which one is actually coaching me? Is it Ville or is it Jenniina? (Personal Training sessions and reporting)

Behind the scenes, both coaches will design the programs together! You will get the expertise of two for the price of one. Once you join our service you can choose to have either one of our coaches as your contact person, who you will be meeting and having the Personal Training sessions with.